The importance of unobstructed blood and lymph circulation cannot be overstated.  In fact, it is absolutely impossible to have optimal health without effective circulation.  These precious liquids must be distributed to all cells, tissues & organs for the organism to operate to its fullest potential. That is what we want right, to operate to our fullest potential, to have OPTIMUM health?  Of course it is!  So, the blood must transport vital nutrients like, calcium, vitamins, minerals, oxygen and silicon to the extremities, including the fingertips, toes, hair & nails where it performs many vital functions. The lymph system must carry cellular waste away from every cell so that you can function to your optimum potential.  If the little guys don't eliminate waste... neither do you.  We all know what happens when the toilet gets backed up, right?  What can you do without an effective toilet?  If you kept piling waste on top of waste on top of waste.   Just the thought is making me sick, right?    Try not flushing for just one day and you probably won't be able to stand function in the house.  Can the same thing happen on a cellular level?  If you are feeling "sick" it's probably happening to you right now!  This is why we always emphasize the need to MOVE THE LYMPH!  We must flush our cellular toilets or we will suffer.

If blood circulation & acid waste removal via the lymphatic system is sub-optimal serious ramifications can and do result.  There may be strain on the heart, cramping, anemia, hair loss, swelling, tingling in the fingers and toes, pain, lightheadedness, dizziness, slow healing wounds, excess stress, impaired immunity, backed up lymph nodes, strain on the liver... you can probably equally add to this list if you think about it.  If lymph circulation is sub-optimal the body's sewer system is backing up and serious health problems result.  When micro-circulation is optimal cells are fed properly and cellular acid waste is properly filtered out of the body. Then you can function like a "well oiled machine". 

When we do our iridology readings we see a lot of impaired circulation and lymhatic congestion. This is one of the reasons that we brought the Bemer to our practice in December 2014.  We use fantastic supplements for lower and upper circulation and we even have our own formula that we make and enjoy.  However, focusing on the Bemer and it's micro-circulation enhancement in addition to a good herbal regimen makes perfect sense.  Here's what you can expect when you IMPROVE YOUR CIRCULATION!

-          Reduced susceptibility to infections

-          Improves the body’s own defenses

-          Better defense against free radicals

-          Better supply of oxygen to and waste disposal from the organs and tissues

-          Reduces the consequences of stress

-          Supports disturbed healing processes

-          Increased performance and ability to cope with stress

-          Shorter regeneration times and a reduced risk of injury during sport

Why not come in and let us outline some wonderful herbs and therapies that can help you to get your circulation and health back on track.  Your body will thank you!