Skin Food

By:  Renee Davenport

There is no doubt that through our compromised environment we are exposed to more toxicity than ever before in history!  These toxins wreck havoc on health and we are surely feeling the negative effects of chemicals in …water, our food supply, the air – Man! We just can’t catch a break!    Since we ingest everything we put onto our skin it makes total sense to include a skin detoxification regimen with our regular routine.  Many clients we see have a scurf rim which is an indication of poor skin elimination.   This is a problem because the toxins that cannot get out “the nature prescribed” route will certainly try to be eliminated by another route.  By organs that actually have jobs of their own to perform.   If you create an environment where your skin can perform optimally this can take some of the weight off the overburdened kidneys.  

The skin is a very important eliminative organs. Do you view the skin in this way?  Adults have a skin area estimated at from 2,000 to 3,000 square inches which eliminates about 2 pounds of waste material per day. The skin has two main layers, the outer layer called the epidermis, and a thick underlying layer called the dermis. The outer layers on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet have five layers while the rest of the body has four.   Sweat glands, approximately 3,000 per square inch, help control electrolyte and fluid balance in the body and assist in regulating body temperature. In healthy skin, the capillaries constantly bring wastes to the sweat glands, which in turn, present them onto the surface of the skin to be effectively washed away.

The zone around the perimeter of the iris provides valuable information about the condition of the skin and the blood vessels just beneath it. The presence of a scurf rim shows an accumulation of toxic material due to poor elimination.  It does not matter how lovely, clear and beautiful the skin appears, if you have a scurf rim, your skin is not functioning optimally.  Yes, my friend, in this area looks can be VERY deceiving. 

Chemical substances used on the skin promote a scurf rim by blocking, clogging or otherwise breaking down these most important sweat glands and trapping the toxins that are trying to be eliminated naturally.  Perfumes, fragrances, suntan oils, deodorants, and other products with hazardous substances in our skin care regimen, no matter how expensive and sweet smelling, only add to the problem.

Among those with the poorest skin elimination, the scurf rim becomes blackened as shown in the accompanying photo.   A dense, dark, and wide scurf rim indicates an excessively toxic body, with wastes trapped subcutaneously.  This waste wreaks havoc on our health in different ways.   It can indicate an overload of toxic material.  For instance, if the scurf rim appears darker over the lungs, we know that poor skin elimination has contributed to an overload there, and the same is true for other organs. The scurf rim may also indicate a suppressed condition in an organ. For example, a dark scurf rim in the feet area of the iris may be the result of efforts to suppress excess foot perspiration. Instead of getting to the root of the problem which is probably a malfunctioning thyroid gland, many use chemical substances to “control” the symptom. 

By now you may begin to understand that taking care of our skin is more important than many may realize.  As mentioned above, this poor elimination has ramifications beyond the skin.  Many clients we see have poorly functioning kidneys.  By taking care to detoxify and clean up the skin we are helping take a load off the kidneys.

Because the skin is the largest organ of our anatomy we stand to benefit a great deal by getting serious about detoxification through the skin.  The following can help in this regard:

Our skin needs sunlight, fresh air & exercise.  Performing exercise on a regular basis that will cause us to break a sweat would be most helpful.

Dry Skin Brushing:  The cells of the epidermis are constantly dying and needs to removed.  The sebaceous glands produce oil that can potentially block the sweat gland openings.  Brushing skin while dry with a natural bristle brush is excellent for removing these dead cells and unblocking the skin for improved elimination.  Make sure you purchase natural bristle brushes and not the nylon, brushes, mitts and scrubbers on the market.  These synthetic tools can make micro-tears in the skin and create an opening for bacteria to enter the body and compromise health.

A detox bath will assist your body in eliminating toxins.  There are several baths that may be done in order to achieve this desired result.  Here are just a few.  There are literally hundreds of combinations! 

  • Clay Detoxification Bath Recipe: 
    •  ½ cup bentonite or Moroccan Rhassoul clay mixed with liquid (water, tea  etc.) to a lump-less paste.   Dissolve the clay in the bath water or use as a body mask.  The body mask has stronger detoxification power and is recommended.  Wait a few minutes before sitting in the water and don’t rub it off until you are ready to get out to ensure the greatest amount of detoxification
    • 1  cup epsom salt
    • 5-10 drops of pure essential oil  (NEVER use perfume or fragrance oil)
  • Salt Detoxification Bath Recipe:
    •  ½-1 cup dead sea salt or pink himalayan salt
    • ½-1 cup epsom salt
    • ¼-1/2  cup baking soda
    •  Fresh ginger tea or ½ tsp. organic ginger root powder
    • 5-10 drops of pure essential oil   (Again, please, NEVER use perfume or fragrance oil)
  • Oxygen Detoxification Bath Recipe:
    • ½  cup 35% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide
    • 1/3 cup Apple Cider Vinegar  (Don't worry you won't smell like a pickle, I promise.  LOL)
    •  5-10 drops of pure essential oil  (Once again, please, please, NEVER use perfume or fragrance oil)

Incorporating raw foods on a regular basis will greatly aid in nourishing and helping the skin from the inside.  Foods especially good for the skin are those containing silicon, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, B, niacin.  Alfalfa sprouts, kelp, and oatstraw tea are excellent.

Why not make yourself a promise to incorporate some skin detoxification into your regimen from now on!  Your body will thank you immensely.