This is Hazel.  The Biliary Iris. You can see the fibers in the ciliary zone of the iris signifying that it is a blue base with brown pigment deposited on top. Although the pupil is not enlarged there is a predisposition to anxiety by way of the contraction furrows. The client confirmed there is excess stress from recent negative events so we recommended taking an adrenal glandular. We also recommended cleaning up the stomach which when inquiry was made was positive. Cleaning up the kidneys so they do their job at eliminating the accumulated acids that are the by-product of metabolism is important for this client as well as opening up the skin which is poorly eliminating thus putting an unnecessary strain on the kidneys were also high on the recommendations list. There is liver weakness which is manifested in three different ways between the sclera and the iris. Therefore, a wonderful liver combination was recommended. I asked this client if they had a tattoo on their lower back and they confirmed that they do. Is it not amazing that the entire health history of a client opens up just by observing the iris and sclera? It's amazing! If you are able we are doing free express iridology readings for the month of November. Contact me if you're interested in knowing what YOUR eyes are saying.
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