The Iridologist Report

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The Iridologist Report

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Increase your Iridology knowledge with a program that adds to your bottom line!

Introducing the world’s most comprehensive Iridology data Software! Show your clients detailed information on the eye including:

• 18 constitutions
• Basic Iridology signs
• Collarette signs. (ANW)
• 30 Sclera signs. (White of the eye)
• Psychological indications seen in the iris
• Variations in the Structure
• 28 Pupil signs

Most clients want something they can read. Print take home information sheets instantly.

Increase your income!

How does this program not only pay for itself but add to your bottom line?

Produce professional customized reports for your clients
All sections can be selected and inserted into a Report at the click of your mouse. The information is written in friendly terminology designed to enhance your ability to explain Iridology, providing a tool that produces a valuable resource - a professional report to meet the individual needs of your clients. Most practitioners charge the equivalent of a first consultation for this optional extra.
AND.....You can customize the report template with your details!
Plus.... add your own comments throughout.
First released in 1998, this is the third revision and still remains the best value for money iridology data software available. The Iridologist Report is based on Integrated Iridology®. This is an ideal resource for self-education or for explaining various signs in the iris to your clients. This is a superb work ideal for producing professional reports using the editable template included. (Microsoft Word based). Suitable for PCs.