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Peer reviewed and accepted internationally as the new standard in Iridology education. Based on 35 yrs continuous clinical experience.

Written and produced by Toni Miller ND DHM MII CCII. Australia’s foremost teacher & researcher.

Awarded IIPA Iridologist of the Year AND Iridology Instructor of the Year 2014



The Integrated Iridology® Textbook NEW EDITION

• 380 full colour pages
• 570 high quality iris photos
• 250 graphics
• Fabulous illustrations
• New charts and tables
• 23 comprehensive chapters
• Information conforming to proven research
• Descriptions of physical, mental and emotional significance of eye signs
• Clearly defined explanations enhance your ability to understand Iridology
• Ideal for students and professional Iridologists



Flashbook - Fundamental Signs

A satin finish protective coating on each page makes this an attractive addition to your iridology resources: This 66 page spiral bound set of flash cards is an ideal reference for students, which becomes a wonderful resource you will use every day once you are in clinical practice. Open up meaningful dialogue with your clients. You can use the high quality photo samples to show examples of what iris signs look like and to enhance your explanations. Featuring high quality images opposite effective graphics and detailed descriptions. Terminology has been thoughtfully written with both the iridologist and the client in mind. Some of the classical iridology terms have been changed to enhance understanding. The descriptions of iris signs are based on over thirty years of clinical experience of the author and are explained according to 'Integrated Iridology' concepts, which combine philosophies from America, Europe and Australia.
Whether you're learning, practicing or teaching Iridology, the Fundamental Flashbook will be a great asset to you.



Flash Cards - Constitutional Signs

Learn how to identify the familial health issues, the personality, the life lesson and the main supplements for maintenance of wellbeing. This boxed set of 37 cards is a wonderful resource for students and practitioners to improve understanding of constitutional aspects and assist you to explain to clients how to be the best they can be. The cards contain full colour graphics of twenty constitutions, each with concise descriptions of the influence of colour, structure and diathesis (additional signs) that identify each person’s unique constitutional profile. In addition, they list A.K.A.’s and identify each type’s primary nurture points and life lessons. There are 14 cards that explain the meaning of position, quality and shape of the collarette (Autonomic Nerve Wreath). These cards describe the character of each type and offer herbal suggestions to maintain optimal wellbeing. Perfect Iridology reference.



Iris Light Illuminated Magnifier

White light ensures true iris colour. Coloured bulbs can distort perception of colour - one of the most important features of an iris assessment. Iridologists need good magnification and true colour to accurately assess the eyes. Iris Light offers superb clarity and unlike higher magnification lenses, this unit allows distance between you and your client without visual distortion at the edges of the lens. It comes in a protective pouch and needs two AA batteries (Not included). These features make the Iris Light our most popular viewer. Great value for money!


Integrated Iridology Charts



Integrated Iridology Desk Chart

This attractive chart was revolutionary as the first chart to combine both American and European iridology philosophies. Fast becoming one of the world’s most popular charts for its accuracy and ease of use: Available in English and Spanish. Full colour, double sided with a protective glazed finish. Size: open A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches) – folds to A4. (8.3 x 11.7 inches)

Rev chart.png


Integrated Iridology Reverse Chart

Have you noticed that when you look at your eyes in the mirror, they are reversed? Use this chart to examine your own eyes in the mirror. This attractive chart was revolutionary as the first chart to combine both American and European iridology philosophies. Fast becoming one of the world’s most popular charts for its accuracy and ease of use: Available in English. Full colour, double sided with a protective glazed finish. Size: 18 X 13 cm (7 x 5 inches) – folds to 9 x 13 cm (3.5 X 5 inches).



Integrated Iridology Bowel Reflex chart

This chart is a quick and easy reference to establish adjacent areas to marks seen inside the collarette of the iris. Produced due to popular request by those wanting a much needed update of Bernard Jensen’s Bowel Reflex chart produced in the early eighties. Useful to Iridology students and practitioners and colon hydrotherapists. A3 size (11.7 x 16.5 inches)


Integrated Iridology - The Pupil and its Border

Many iridologists notice that the pupil is often mis-shaped. These variations are relative to the spine in particular. This chart offers an explanation of both ellipsoid and flattened pupil sectors. It also discusses the relevance of pupil size and signs on the pupil border. Concise and easy to use: Size: open A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches) – folds to A4. (8.3 x 11.7 inches)




Integrated Iridology Constitution Chart

Accurately determine each client’s unique iris constitution. This chart features superior graphics of twenty types with descriptions of what to look for: the three primary types, the six most common structural variations and eleven common diatheses. This is a wonderful reference for practitioners using Constitutional Iridology. A3 size. (11.7 x 16.5 inches)

All A3 charts have a beautiful protective glazed finish



Signs Series software – Learn or promote Iridology

These plug and play presentations are useful for personal education or for explaining what an Iridologist looks for when assessing the iris. Click thru feature makes you the expert! Ideal for in-clinic promotion to demonstrate the practicality of Iridology assessment; or use the auto-run feature to play these cds in your waiting area. PC Compatible.


Signs of Cardio Vascular Risk

Cardio vascular disease is the number one cause of death in the Western world. Although dietary factors come into this, it has been established that there are a number of other influences that increase risk factors. This software presents a fascinating insight into body signs indicating increased cardio vascular risk. When these body markings or the high risk emotional temperament are seen in conjunction with signs in the eye, you have the ability to turn a person's health prognosis into a more favourable outcome. Over 120 slides including excellent eye photos, images and case histories. PC and Mac compatible.



Signs of Digestive Dysfunction

Good digestion is foundational to optimum health. Today nutritional deficiency is alarmingly common. This title contains some new information with seventy five slides including photos of iris and sclera signs with case histories and some emotional precursors. You have heard the expression 'you make me sick to my stomach' - could this affect the way a person handles his food? Learn how the iris differentiates between whether a person has difficulty digesting and absorbing proteins, fats, carbohydrates or minerals. Making you more effective in your treatment protocols. PC and Mac compatible.



Signs of the Pancreas

Today we have a pandemic of Dysglycaemia. Late onset diabetes has been renamed Type 2 diabetes due to the fact that this malady has no preference as to the age of its victims. We have seen in the last decade in particular, more and more youths falling prey to it. This program explains the signs seen in the eye, on the body and also in the emotional temperament that increases the risk of pancreatic dysfunction. PC compatible.



Signs of the Renal System

The kidney reaction field is the most common area for irregularities in the structure of the iris. Kidney issues discussed in this program range from dehydration to stones and even cancer. This program explains the signs seen in the eye, on the body and also in the emotional temperament that increases the risk of renal dysfunction. PC compatible.



Signs of the Endocrine System

The endocrine system includes all of the glands of the body and the hormones produced by those glands. The glands are controlled directly by stimulation from the nervous system as well as by chemical receptors in the blood and hormones produced by other glands. By regulating the functions of organs in the body, these glands help to maintain the body’s homeostasis. Cellular metabolism, reproduction, sexual development, sugar and mineral homeostasis, heart rate, and digestion are among the many processes regulated by the actions of hormones. Learn to identify potential glandular issues from the eye. PC and Mac compatible.



The Iridologist Report

Increase your Iridology knowledge with a program that adds to your bottom line!

Introducing the world’s most comprehensive Iridology data Software! Show your clients detailed information on the eye including:

• 18 constitutions
• Basic Iridology signs
• Collarette signs. (ANW)
• 30 Sclera signs. (White of the eye)
• Psychological indications seen in the iris
• Variations in the Structure
• 28 Pupil signs

Most clients want something they can read. Print take home information sheets instantly.

Increase your income!

How does this program not only pay for itself but add to your bottom line?

Produce professional customized reports for your clients
All sections can be selected and inserted into a Report at the click of your mouse. The information is written in friendly terminology designed to enhance your ability to explain Iridology, providing a tool that produces a valuable resource - a professional report to meet the individual needs of your clients. Most practitioners charge the equivalent of a first consultation for this optional extra.
AND.....You can customize the report template with your details!
Plus.... add your own comments throughout.
First released in 1998, this is the third revision and still remains the best value for money iridology data software available. The Iridologist Report is based on Integrated Iridology®. This is an ideal resource for self-education or for explaining various signs in the iris to your clients. This is a superb work ideal for producing professional reports using the editable template included. (Microsoft Word based). Suitable for PCs.


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