BrioBio Testing

Sugar & Salt Testing

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Why Sugar and Conductivity Testing? The Bio test is a non-invasive test completed on fresh samples of urine.  We are testing for sugar and salt levels.  The numbers are important in the quest for optimal health. The sugar number refers to total sugars, not just glucose. When sugar rises in the urine above a certain number this is a cause for concern and you should see your primary health care provider without delay.  (Glucose in the urine does show a severe ionization and mineral deficiency problem.) The total body sugars are those sugars being thrown off by the body. These are the sugars the body has not used.  The sugar reading is determined by an instrument called a refractometer. The higher the sugar levels indicated on the refractometer, the greater the amount of sugar not being used by the body. Salt is an electrolyte that is necessary for the proper function of the human body. Without some salt in the body, messages can't be transferred from one place to another.  An electrolyte is a solution that conducts electricity.  The higher the salt concentration, the greater the electrical impulse. When the heart receives too strong of an electrical impulse because the salt level is too high, it becomes overworked and does not get to rest in between each beat.  Salt displaces oxygen.   Therefore, too high a level of salt in the blood stream will keep out vitally needed oxygen. Lack of oxygenation ionization is the beginning of the body's inability to heal itself.   In order to get the body to heal itself, the obstacles, which prevent healing, must be removed.  Removal of high salt is a vital step in getting the oxygen ionization process back on the right track.  This requires two steps.  The first step is to remove excess salt consumption from the diet.  This is just the beginning of the process, however.  The fact is that many individuals with high salt readings do not add salt to their food.  Their salt is too high because their bodies produce too much salt and they do not use the proper fluids to reduce the high salt concentrations in the body.  The flushing out of high salts and the use of materials which allow more oxygen into the system have many times relieved chest and left arm discomfort. When the high levels of inorganic salts are flushed out, organic salts are needed to replace the inorganic salts. Organic means the substance contains carbon. Inorganic substances do not contain carbon. Salts that contain carbon come from celery and parsley.  Consuming the fresh raw vegetables and their fresh pressed juices will benefit those with high salt numbers.   Better health is achieved when we monitor the sugar and salt numbers for each individual. “After one's body chemistry is turned around and headed in the path of regeneration, the work is just begun. The individual may have the notion that because he feels better, he is "well”.  He stops the rebuilding process and returns to the "old way" that got him into trouble in the first place. There has to be an education of how to live correctly so as not to bring back the degeneration process.” Foods that bring on the degeneration process are white flour, cane sugar, coffee, commercial teas such as Lipton and Tetley, chocolate and alcohol, just to name a few.” Carey Reams